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If you are about to be married or if you are cohabitating, a Houston prenuptial attorney will help you draft a Texas premarital agreement which will help protect your assets and set the financial foundation of your new union. Ideally, you will never need to invoke the terms of your Houston premarital agreement, for this document is meant to be a contract that supports the financial goals of your married life. However, if you should ever need to invoke your Houston premarital agreement, it will serve as an insurance policy when dividing the assets of a marriage. Additionally, a Houston premarital agreement allows couples to discuss issues that they should consider to maintain their marriage’s financial well-being.

Since Texas premarital documents can be complicated depending on each party’s assets, you should seek the advice of a Houston premarital attorney to draft an agreement that best suits your needs. To understand the options which are available to you, please contact a Houston premarital agreement lawyer at John K. Grubb & Associates today for a consultation. Establishing a your relationship’s financial foundation will allow you to focus your energy on planning one of the most important days in your new life together.

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