An Introduction to Houston Prenuptial Agreements

Provided by a Houston Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Photo Prenuptial AgreementA marriage is a special commitment to love and cherish another individual, but it is also a civil contract outlining the terms under which two people agree to share their lives. In the midst of planning a wedding celebration, taking a moment to consult with a Houston prenuptial attorney on a premarital agreement is just as important as attending any pre-wedding counseling. This is because a Houston premarital agreement outlines the specifics of the wedding “contract” – an important part of marriage which is sometimes overlooked.

A prenuptial agreement is a couple’s guide to the retention of personal property before, during and (if necessary) after the conclusion of a marriage. Did one spouse own a business prior to getting married, and does the other spouse expect to share in the business’ past revenues? Did one spouse inherit property prior to getting married and does the other spouse expect to be included on a new joint title? How will a surviving spouse be cared for if one spouse passes away, and if the marriage should end in separation, how will assets be divided?

Looking at a marriage as a contract allows couples the freedom to discuss fiduciary matters they may not have taken the time to consider, and so doing can strengthen a married relationship because matters involving property and personal funds have all been clearly addressed prior to entering into a new civil union.

If you are about to marry the person upon whose love and support you rely, take time to address the nature of the “partnership” in which you are about to enter. Contact John K. Grubb and Associates PC to discuss the different aspects of a premarital agreement. Talk each issue out one by one, and make certain that the contract which binds your civil relationship is as solid as the commitment which binds your heartfelt relationship.

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