Reasons Why You Should Seek a Premarital Agreement

Presented by a Houston Premarital Agreement Attorney

Premarital Agreement DocumentThere are many reasons why a premarital agreement is beneficial to a marriage. Couples seeking the advice of a premarital attorney often have the same questions and concerns when planning a new union.

Below are some of the more common examples, which a prenuptial agreement can address.

Individual Property:

When two people own property of significant value, such as a house or a successful business, they may want to address ownership of that property and the conditions under which their new spouse may or may not share in that property. Is a title to remain sole or will it become joint? Are past assets which contribute to future earnings included in a business’ net gain? These are important issues which a premarital attorney can help resolve.

Individual Finances:

When two people come to a relationship with significant assets, they may want to clearly outline the present and future retention of those assets. Some couples are comfortable allowing one spouse to retain sole ownership of his or her monetary position, while other couples are amenable to blending their joint holdings. A premarital agreement lawyer can help you decide how to best manage the future of your individual assets.

Children From A Previous Marriage:

Couples who have young or adult children from a previous marriage may want to outline the terms by which those children will be provided for in relation to any children they may have during the course of their new marriage. Likewise, couples may want to address the needs of their grandchildren from a prior marriage.

In The Event Of A Separation:

Given that a significant percentage of marriages still end in divorce, it is prudent to have an agreement in place which allows couples to leave the relationship on reasonable terms. Having a prenuptial agreement may help relieve the stress and anxiety that is all too often associated with a divorce.

A prenuptial agreement is a document, which addresses the material concerns of a relationship. While it outlines the division of property in the event of a divorce, it also serves as a foundation upon which the “contract” of a marriage is based.

Couples find clarity of mind in working with a lawyer to delineate the ownership of individual assets, and having a prenuptial agreement in place allows couples to discuss financial issues in the presence of an experienced legal professional who can offer sound advice on fiduciary strategies.

To draft a prenuptial agreement, contact the law firm of John K. Grubb & Associates, PC. We are glad to be of assistance to you – start to finish – in managing the Texas premarital agreement process.

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